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Quick Trace Shipments in our warehouse 

  Adams Cargo's Quick Trace tool allows you to trace the current status of import shipments within our warehouse.  Use it to determine the current release and delivery/availability status of any shipment in our warehouse.         
Please enter the Cargo Control number you wish to track.
Current as of: 12/15/2014 17:11

Adams Standard Tariff -Warehouse  
Dock Fee: $1.45  /100 Kgs or $3.20  /Cbm, whichever is greater. Minimum charge $60.00 .
Storage Fee: $2.20  /100 Kgs or $5.25  /Cbm, whichever is greater, per day (first 5 business days free). Minimum $60.00  per day.
Customs Exam: Any shipments at Adams Warehouse held for exam by CRA staff will be charged a per exam  fee of $60.00 .
Re-manifesting: $60.00  per Manifest.
Skid Fee $17.00  per Skid
Crate/ Rubbish Disposal Fee: Any consignee wishing to unpack their freight at Adams Warehouse will be required to pay a $125.00  deposit, refundable once it is verified that crate and/or packing material has been removed from the premises.
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Adams Cargo's Secure Customer site allows qualified customers to view the status of both Cartage and Warehouse shipments.  Users are presented with a gridview of all ongoing shipments, and they can drill down on specific shipments to see more details.  You can track the ever-changing status of all shipments, even if they are enroute on rail and are yet to arrive at the rail yard.  If you are a Freight Forwarder or a Customs Broker, you can take advantage of our accurate, timely information. 
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